Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anemone Apennina

And that's another Iris Neibach creation... Marty tried this sometime last week while I was doing my best trying out this one.

Well as you can see it dint come out that good as compared to Marty's. I knew it was a confusing pattern and unless you pay attention you might actually lose it. I was trying my best to be careful but I guess I confused myself with the flower and as you can see it, it's awful just there. :-( .

Now I want to try out the square doily - Anemone Sylvestris and if anyone has tried it yet can you please help me out? I seem to be lost on how to start. It is a wonderful pattern and I so badly want to work on it.


Carol Lawecki said...

I think your motif looks very nice!! Great thread colors too.

Marty said...

HA! -- Yours looks lots better than my first one, I had to cut it apart and start over. The Anemone Sylvestris is the one I want to try next, too! I've been looking over the book, and I think if I make the edging first to get the hang of it, then the square doily will be easier to understand. I'm pretty certain the book is made to be worked from the beginning as everything progresses from something done before. So -- as soon as I get a breather from what I've got on the shuttles now, I'm going to try out the edging and just see. :)

Tattycat said...

I think it is very pretty. I haven't tried any of Iris' patterns yet, but I want to. Most of the time I make a copy of my pattern before I start tatting so that I can mark all over it. That is the only way I can keep up with some of them. It also saves the book from wear. You might try that and see if it will help.

Iris Niebach said...

My compliments for the wonderful work of this difficult pattern. There are some little errors to correct, as for example the small rings around the inner flower, which are too small. But repeating it again you will surely be able to make the square doily.
You have so much improved your skills in such little time,

Sapna said...

Thanks Marty, You are just being kind. Next time I think I'll take Laura advice. Thanks Laura.

I think you are right about the doily Marty, I guess I start with the edgings first and see how it goes.

Thanks Iris, I so want to try all of it. Your patterns are a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for giving me your books.