Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mail Call... Finally!

I cannot express how happy I am. I have finally received the books that I have been longing for a very long time.

I had ordered this book along with others from the sometime in October last year (2007) and I still haven't received it. So instead of waiting around I finally reordered from Lacis this time and it came. Phew! I was scared I'd lose it again. I also ordered a couple of sew mate and boye shuttles as well.

My October order has other books including, Christmas Angels, Tatting Collage, Elegant Tatting Patterns, Tatting Patterns and Tatting With Visual Patterns. I think I lost a few treasures. :-(

I am slowly filling up my library with tatting books and as you can see I've had rot luck in the past. I just keep wondering where the post has disappeared? who'd be interested in them apart from crazy tatters like us?

Well I think that's a question which will puzzle me always. I also ordered a couple more books and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I receive it safely this time again.


TattingChic said...

What a wonderful tatting stash. I have both of those books and enjoy them. Mary Konior's is my alltime favorite. I do hope you got your money back from that other place.

Memé said...

I think you are like me..... allways trying to buy books from laces out of my country. All take a lot of time and money.
I love these books: the Mary Konior, Jan Stawasz and Iris Niebach. They are my favorites: great creators.
I think we have to tat things of them so the may continue designing.

Linda S Davies said...

Like TattingChic, I too have both of these books and I love them dearly. Mind you I love absolutely anything to do with tatting whether I use them or not. I simply like owning them! LOL

Sapna said...

I think I agree with all of you here. Unfortunately I dont think i'll get a refund drom her. I spoke to the concerned person in Lacemaker but they were of no help saying that there isnt much they can do. Infact I also spoke to the post authorities there and they asked me to ask someone from the store to talk to them. But like I said they werent at all helpful so I guess it was just bad luck!

Thank you all for leaving me a comment... looks like am not alone when it comes to stash!