Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coffee anyone?

I am not exactly bloging about coffee (which btw is indefinitely my favorite subject), more so the tatting stuff below the coffee cup! Yup… you guessed it right! Its coasters.

Remember from my earlier posts “Iris Niebach special”? This time I tatted a whole lot of it. I would give credit to my husband actually, had he not been persistent on spoiling my coffee table I wouldn’t have thought of this at all.

Last three days have been much tiring for me and my Family. My dad was hospitalized on Monday when he complained of breathlessness. Due to a heart surgery performed in 1992 the doctors wanted to double check before concluding. He was put under observation till yesterday and then discharged. Thankfully everything was normal and just that his blood circulation is a bit slow when compared to others and can be cured by medicines. We can all now sigh with relief!

While in the hospital I actually had a lot of time on hand and took my tatting tools along! And that’s how I completed my coasters!

This is a wonderful idea and a great pattern to work with. I plan on doing a few more coaters with the wonderful thread that my friends so generously have sent me.


Marty said...

Very pretty coasters, Sapna. You certainly do justice to Iris' wonderful patterns!
I'm glad your dad's condition turned out to be treatable by medication.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

That cup of coffee looks yummy! And so do those coasters!

Tattycat said...

Sapna, I am so glad that your dad is okay and only needs medicines. Your coasters are so pretty and I am sure they will save you and your husband lots of trouble! Coffee is one of my favorite subjects as well!

Sapna said...

Thank You all... This is my morning Coffee which my husband makes everyday for me! :-). In south India it is termed as Filter coffee... It's nice when I get to know that lot of share the same thoughts, favorite, etc...

Dad is better now Just a little weak though! but thanks all for the warm wishes, it sure helps me destress!