Friday, January 18, 2008

I have an apprentice!

Until recently I was under the impression that I can never teach anyone to Tat. The reason is because I have zilch patience level. This I am speaking from experience – there were a few pupils who were interested to learn and I was inefficient as a teacher since after the 1st tutoring session no body returned for the second.

I Know I know I am wicked but I just cannot help it. But now I do have a student who is as persistent as I am with impatience. After the initial basics lecture I gave her yesterday she came back to me showing her work!

She of course needs a lot of practice since each time she does a double stitch it gets knotted but they aren’t that bad, cos I can work around it a bit to straighten it without having to remove the whole thing. I am sure she isn’t happy with it but I am cos she came back to me! J Yay!!!!

Frankly speaking I would give you’ll the credit. Maybe some where I have learnt a lot reading your experiences from your blogs and have tried my best to take all the good qualities from all of you. And Just like this instance I am hoping that you guys will always help me out in future as well.

I am positive – so keep up the good work!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Sapna, you are too funny!
I think that I am a rubbish teacher as well, but I am very proud of you for sticking with this student. Good job!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations on teaching and being so funny! It is very rewarding to share your talent.

Sharon said...

Sapna when you try to teach someone begin with chains using 2 contrasting colours of thick thread. With thick thread they will be able to see what is happening easier and using 2 colours on chains they will be able to see for themselves when it works and when it doesn't. The biggest thing with beginning shuttle tatting is that you need to relax and thats hard to do when your hands are "all thumbs" trying to move in unfamiliar positions.