Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tiger Eye Doily

Like it???? I love this one! look at the color unfolding... awesome!!!

This one is from Jan Stawasz book and I can never believe myself having tatted this... It is one of my best tatted stuff till date, no doubt and full marks to yarnplayer for providing this wonderful thread - HDT again.

It still requires blocking and I have just ironed it for now. I have never blocked till date and kept wondering if you actually need to do so, but with this I think I have to. The flower in the middle stands out so I got to flatten it quite a bit actually.

It matches with the coasters below, doesn't it???


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Beautiful doily!

Tattycat said...

Very, very nice! I am super impressed. You did a great job on a complicated pattern. And, you made coasters to match! Well done.

Marty said...

Very nice, Sapna! It's just striking. Good luck with the blocking.

Clyde said...

Very nice work on the doily Sapna, don't you just love using hand dyed thread it sure makes projects extra special.

Bonnie said...

It is a wonderful piece, very beautiful!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh Sapna, this is so lovely! You did a great job! How many skeins did you go through on the doily?

Sapna said...

Thank you all... Laura yes It is a complicated pattern but as you go along it all fits in well.

About the HDT you bet Clyde thats why it makes tatting very special.

Sherry, I used about 2 skeins of yarnplayer's thread and was so scared that I'll finish it all... Thankfully I managed to save one skein of it.

yarnplayer said...

This is amazingly beautiful, Sapna! You do such excellent work.
Of course, I am thrilled to see the thread I dyed put to such a wonderful use. It looks to me like this is some of the original "Tigereye", which was a slow color change batch. I'll have to do some more batches of slow color changes, even though they are so much more work. It is absolutely wonderful to see it tatted up.
Great choice of pattern. The coasters are lovely as well.