Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Doily and SPSD Reunion.

Well…. Here is another one. This one is pretty simple to do but I took forever. Actually this could have been done within a week since I could give just about an hour or so each day, but I took really long to finish this.

I have been suffering from chronic urticaria for over 6 months now. This is probably the third time it has struck me (once in 1999 and then in 2003). This time it is bad and I am thinking of getting a permanent cure, therefore resorting to homeopathy which is a bit more bothersome and painful than Allopath. This was probably why I couldn't finish this doily as fast as I can since last week I did nothing but itch itch and itch.

Nevertheless it’s finally done and I need to ship it away to a friend of mine. This is a surprise to her!
Another much awaited event was my reunion. Why do I call it much awaited is because this has been due for nearly 9 years now.
Here is the snap of the reunion.

Left to Right - Shradha (In Red) with her daughter Avni, Divya (In Pink), Myself and Preetha
BtwSPSD is Shradha, Preetha, Sapna(Me) and Divya. The doily is for Divya.
Shradha is a mommy of a 6 month old cute girl by name Avni, Preetha is due next month and Divya, already a mommy of a 3 year old Adhvik is currently into 6months of pregnancy with her 2nd child.

These girls are my childhood friends and the last we were all together was in 1996 I think. After that we haven’t had the time to meet as a group. This time this friend of mine was in town and we just put our foot down.

It was a very funny event I must admit cos way back in school we’d never thought that one day we will meet like this… and guess what the conversation was all about???? Babies babies and babies. Man was I out of place or what!

All the three are mothers or mom to be except me! I am not even close to it… as you can see from the pic… :-) And all they could talk was the d-day, or can you feel the baby kick and blah blah blah…

Sigh! It was all so nice to be back together… back in school we were inseparable. And the outcome of the reunion – I’ve got all the tips it takes to be a MOMMY!!!

That reminds me – I now need patterns for baby booties…


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your doily is beautiful! I'm glad you were able to get together with your friends. Reunions can be a lot of fun!

Marty said...

Very pretty doily, Sapna! Where did you get the pattern? The description of your reunion gave me the giggles. Sounds like you got more Mommy information than you needed!

Tattycat said...

The doily is very lovely. I hope your problem will soon be gone. The reunion description gave me the giggles too. I used to feel this way and had nothing in common with other women as I had no children. Now that I have my grandbaby from my oldest step-daughter, I am worse than the mommies! I am glad you had fun. If you want to have babies, you will do it in your own time!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

LOL Sapna! I have the same problem....I am surrounded by babies and baby talk. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I can see that it is a very special time in a woman's life....maybe someday....

Ais said...

Hi Sapna, I have been on your blog before but didn;t get a chance to comment.

Wow you met your school friends?! I can understand your excitement... I still haven't met my school friends even after 15 years now. And the conversation drifting to babies? Oh I understand that... I had the same prob when I got married two years ago... I didn't have chldren for a year and all my friends would only talk about children. Every party I went to, every person I met, they would jsut talk about their children to the extent of giving me a depression.

I love your Tatting... I am from India too but I don't live in India anymore. I have the same problem with threads too. I really don't know much about too many threads.

Linda S Davies said...

Hi Sapna, I love the way you have alternated the colours on the motifs of the outside row. It is very effective!