Sunday, November 4, 2007

Motif #20

Motif No.20

This is a gift for my husband's friend who celebrated his birthday last month. But due to tax season he is quite (he is also a CA) busy and I am unable to give this to him. I am now having second thoughts on parting with this. He just bought a new apartment and I thought this would be a good gift. The motif is from Gun & Elwy's book and I made this with two colors.

I just hope this blends well with in his new home, and he likes it.


Marty said...

Oh, it's soooooo pretty!! My sister was looking over my left shoulder when we got to this picture, my nieces were looking over my right shoulder -- almost as one we said, "Ooooo, that's pretty!"

***Jon**** said...

I have tatted this also but in one colour. Yours, with the two colours, looks much prettier. I may make it again with two colours as well.