Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Sherry to share 7 facts about myself!

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Seven facts about me
1.I cannot eat chillies. I can never eat anyting spicy, my whole face and my ear turns red and takes me a while to get back to normal.

2.I am a coffee addict. I just love coffee and there has never been a day without it. I like mine with milk and on an average I drink about a litre of coffee every day.

3. I am an accident prone child. I had my first accident when I was 9 months old and after which the list has been endless. From bruises to fractures, I have experienced whole lot of it. And now I am banned from riding a two wheeler.

4.I met my husband for the first time in a company cab. I detested him that very instant, and today I am married to him… I am a north Indian and he is a south Indian… coming from adverse families, touch wood we had very less trouble convincing our parents for our wedding.

5.I simply HATE milk cream in its normal form. I puke the moment my mouth touches it.

6.I love to collect things which amuse me. Right now it’s on crafts. I am now collecting tatting shuttles and crochet hooks.

7. I am obsessed with pens; I love to collect any new one that comes in the market.

Phew! there you go... these are 7 facts of my life that's out and open... I never ithought it would be so hard to write down about myself. I really had to crack my brains for this.

I have decided to tag


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I am obsessed with pens too, in fact I love office supplies in general. I have also broken many, many bones including my pelvis while snowboarding.

It was nice to get to know you better.

Tattycat said...

Thank you for sharing Sapna. It is nice to know you better. I have broken my left ankle three times! I fall down all of the time and I'm hopeless on a two-wheeler. (Always have been.) My house is a testament to my collecting. I am having to narrow my collections down in preparation for a move in the future.
Happy Tatting!