Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ok so it’s been a while… don’t ask me - there were just lot of things happening around me that I just couldn’t find time to tat…

I keep feeling guilty about it :-( after all I have a challenge to face up to! I know there is time but I am just a little anxious to finish it fast.

Right now I am fiddling with Cluny leaves and I won’t stop till I do it. I learnt the pattern from Mimi’s website and kept trying till I got it right. The thing is I now know the technique but cannot somehow work a motif out of it. I keep getting stuck on the second leaf, and then it just gets cut. Arghhhh so annoying!

So I have decided that the next post will be on cluny leave and looks like both (Cluny leaf and I) are adamant on this.

And the next thing that I learnt is - Onion ring. Man, I keep trying to make a spider out of it and it more looks like a flower… oomph!

So you see I am very touchy at the moment regarding tatting and have quite made up my mind to learn these, make and then post.

So please bear… :-) don’t worry I will get it right!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your braver than I am... I haven't even tried Cluny leaves yet... or onion rings! I'm looking forward to seeing your results!