Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lizbeth thread and some grumbles on postal fees

My parcel from handy hands finally arrived last week but was unfortunately stuck at my post office (yet again) for a couple of days - blasted another USD$10 on it before I got possession. *sigh*

The postal system is literally killing me - I am a great fan of the exotic threads but unfortunately my location is so far away (posting to the moon will not be this exp) that most of the time, my parcels get delayed or lost (yeah - I lost quite a few in the past one year :-(…) Just not liking it esp. at the time of recession.

Coming back to my parcel – these are the lot of most talked of Lizbeth thread and thinking I should have it in my kitty as well I placed the order nearly a month and a half back… and finally after shelling about $80(half of it only on postal and customs) here it is…

Apart from the threads I also received some brocheures of HH and a copy of their newsletter...
I just wish we could have a waiver of postal fees on tatting threads and accessories :-) After all it is our mere attempt to keep the age old art alive!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Wedding gift

An old friend of mine is about to tie the knot next month and unfortunately I wont be present with her on her big day. So to make up just thought of giving her something special, which she wouldn’t be able to forget and of course will stand out and will always remind her of me.
Yes – I tatted her some coasters based on Jon’s quantiesque and the Iris's Tias… what perfect way to start a new house – I hope it brightens her new life! Unfortunately she will be relocating to Mumbai which is pretty far, so I won’t be seeing a lot of her.

We have a small tradition in out Indian Hindu culture – when a girl falls into nuptials most of the trousseau she carries with her has to be in the color red. The red color represents and signifies every married girl. Even at the time of her wedding her wedding gown particularly requires to be in red. And so is my new gift to her… :-)

I hope she likes it, I tatted these superfast!!! I am also working on some nice Handkerchiefs for her trousseau... yet to begin and I just have about 5 days more to go! :-0

Gotta get back to work...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

To all my Tatting friends - Here's wishing you and your families a very Happy Easter.

I remember my convent days... Easter brings back a whole lot of wonderful memories :).

I hope you have a wonderful time today and God Bless!

PS: - I am sending you'll wonderful Chocolate Easter Eggs that I found on the web! They look soooo yummy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You got me right... they are certainly back in business. I just got an email from Erin confirming the re-opening of the online store.

I am most pleased with this, I love their shuttles - and its just not me, am sure most of us own at least one of their creations and treasure them. They are very comfortable to use, hold lot of thread, extremly beautiful and very elegant as well. I admit that I am totally possessed with them and would like to see that part grow in my shuttle stash :) well It’s addictive ;-).

As you can see from the picture that I own just about four of them and now that we know where to find them, I am going to try and get some more. The order in the picture shown is from the first one that I purchased back in 2007 till the recent one just last month. I so love them… Oops there I go again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Iris's TIAS

Phew! I managed to tat this up :) - well actually I finished this sometime back but forgot to post it... :-0 and like Marty said - it is addictive!

Thanks so much Iris, you are a genius as always! I love this pattern and love the doily but somehow I like Marty's combo more...

It looks much brighter than the picture and needs ironing/blocking, but I am just too tired to do any of it. Now to match this up with some coasters, ideas anyone?

Monday, March 9, 2009


Two months of not tatting has shown the effect, now I am just desperate to catch up with everything…

First I thought I’ll get back to tatting with Iris’s TIAS, I have never taken up TIAS before or rather haven’t completely taken up one before – last I took was Sherry and that too I left it in the middle. So I was much more determined to do it this time.

Like all Iris’s patterns I like the way this winds up, am a huge fan of hers and can never forget that she was so kind to send her books to me thinking that I was a worthy student… I can never thank her enough! Those books mean a lot to me. So here is my TIAS and am earning to complete this one. I tatted this up in Marilee’s Sugar maple and coats size 20 color red.

Looking forward to add this bright doily to my collection.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Hard one

Am not sure where to begin, we were just getting back to normal after my uncle’s demise and we got another heart breaking news - my granddad passed away on 14th Feb. I am not sure as to what is happening… my guess is he was too grieved about my uncle’s death and he just couldn’t take it ahead.

It all happened when he was coming to meet my mom and to participate in my sister’s wedding last Friday. Since all the invites had already been sent we had to get on with the wedding, my grandpa wouldn’t have liked to postpone it, in fact he was the one who insisted my mother to continue with the preparations after my uncle passed away. And that’s why we went ahead.

Due to the wedding we really haven’t had the time to mourn but it is really heart wrenching, to think of him. In spite of oldness I cannot forget he traveled all the way from North India to the south to attend both my engagement and wedding ceremony. That is something which I will always cherish all my life! I owe even my wedding to him, he pushed my mother to the alliance…

I spoke to him last on the 12th Jan 2009 and he insisted to come and meet him ASAP. I still go through that conversation even now, I wish I had heard him, at least I didn’t have to carry that thought now.

One thing I realize with all that’s happening at home, Life is too short and unpredictable, it’s better to keep in touch rather than repent later for there is no afterlife and the guilt is tooo heavy to carry.