Thursday, December 25, 2008

Things that I should have blog'd about but dint

Here is some on the tatting subject that I missed writing about.

1. Lady of the House! Isn’t she pretty??? I got it out of some picture and tatted it using Marilee's most loved Tourmaline thread.

2. This came in my mail last week - Chris & Erin Hilton's lovely wood shuttles... Oh! How I love them, I was fortunate to order my first one before they shut down their store and then when I wanted more of theirs I couldn’t find them, later I realized that they had closed their shop for good. But then again these were very limited ones... sigh I wish I could get many more to add to my selection.
3. My newest thread addition to my HDT stash! I just hope at the rate I am tatting they don’t remain stash! thats - Sherry's Swamp thing and Marilee's Sugar Maple & Pansy.
4. Some more new shuttles...

Wait there is more to my collection only that they are still in transit :)... in hopes to receive them soon, I leave you guys here.


Tattycat said...

I love your lady of the house and all the other goodies. The threads will be great tatting! Merry Christmas, Sapna!

TattingChic said...

Very cute! I love your shuttles. I also got the hedgehog one! :)

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

What a lucky lady! Love the wooden shuttle, just beautiful, and your threads! Not to mention your other new shuttles!!!

Have fun tatting with all your new goodies!
BTW your tatted lady is STUNNING!!!!

yarnplayer said...

What an elegant lady you tatted! I like her colorful skirt.
That is a fine collection there of beautiful tatting supplies. You were lucky to get those special wooden shuttles before the shop closed.