Sunday, February 24, 2008

HDT overload

I had promised sometime back that I will display my HDT treasures… well here it is….
Now the only problem is what do I do with this lot????
Threads include :-
Marilee - Tiger eye, Roses, Dark Red, Rhubarb crisp, Leafy, cool waters and finally Hydrangea.
Sherry - Vickies Lilac, Tutti Frutti & Spring Poppies, Tulips & Sunset sky, Rust, Yummy Grapefruit, Coffee & Cream and spring poppies again.
All these are in size 20, except for one spool of spring poppies and dark red.
Just like Laura I am more comfortable using Size 20 thread but with tremendous persuasion from Sherry I finally tried size 80 - and she was right it really fine and very good.
Conclusion - It’s to painful to see it wasted – I wanna keep it just as it is!
Now the problem lies when both of them being their naughty self keep coming out with different colors that it becomes painful to resist the temptation and then just like HDT addicts I finally have to give in. Girls... Please have mercy! :-)


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh you must tat with this soon! I am dying to see what you make with it!

yarnplayer said...

It looks like you enjoy crochet as well, so this thread could also be used for crochet work :-)
Sherry's threads look so good in the photo I may have to get some myself - now that is really addicted, when a dyer buys from another dyer, LOL!