Friday, January 11, 2008


Look what I got in my mail… Gifts and lots of them too... Man do I feel lucky or WHAT!

Thank to Lynn for taking the initiative. Here is how it started. I was browsing through articles on etatters forum and reading about fellow tatters discussing threads. Since in India we hardly get different kinds/sizes of threads except the usual Size 20 & 40 I was astounded to hear there are more sizes in this world.

When I was growing up I was under the notion that size 20 is for tatting and size 40 for crochet and so when I joined the tatting ring you can imagine my stun when I got to hear so many things about tatting. I truly was and I kept telling this to myself. For example I dint know you can make Jewelery out of it or bookmarks or celtic tatting etc Phew! Trust me the list goes on!

One fine day I innocently posted to the forum asking elaboration for different sizes and that where I can find it? And there you go… Lynn sent out a post asking them to help me and send samples of the various threads available so that I can play with it and which they did!

I am very very happy girl :-). This parcel apparently has been waiting for me a long time just that it was stuck somewhere… it came to India sometime in Dec itself… but nevertheless I finally have it and what Joy!

Big thanks to Susan B.T, Marty, Marlene, Ria, Judit connors, Clyde, Maureen Lawrence (Hope I haven’t misspell any of the Names – if I have then please forgive me!) And how can I ever forget Lynn for this, Thank you is such a small word for what I am felling today! Thank you guys and a BIG hug to all of you!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

How wonderful! I can't wait to see what you tat with this!

Tatting N Craftin RainbowRose said...

That is sooooo AWESOME!!!! I too have been blessed with a bit of thread and goodies from some fellow tatters! Tatters are a different breed for sure! Such wonderful people!!!

Marty said...

That's quite a stash, Sapna! I'm glad it all arrived safely. It was so nice of Lynn to organize it. Picking what to make from everything should be fun!