Monday, May 21, 2007

My First Bookmark

This is a bookmark that I made a month back. It was my friend’s birthday and I wanted to gift her something with a very personal touch.

She is very good at crochet and many other crafts and I know how she adores tatting. Although I tried my best to teach her to tat but unfortunately that’s one craft she could not pick up.

I came across this pattern on the net and considering that I had just 2 hrs to spare, I had to pick this one up as it was quite simple.

The response was tremendous and now, all my other friends have asked something like this for their birthdays…

I have got another one to do before 11th of June. This friend of mine, thankfully, has selected a pattern for her bookmark already!!! That’s one request I cannot turn down.


roshi said...

Thanks a ton Sapna! My fav bookmark!! =)
I'm gonna make myself a crochet one now!

SapnaGulgulia said...

WOW!!! i'd love to see that. Hey no problems i enjoyed doing that!

Sewicked said...

I'm glad that your gift was so well-received.